Clients Testimonials

A few testimonials from our clients all around the world, we are so happy to deliver a good quality design and products to the most of our clients. Thank you for all your support to us and we are so glad to be a part of your success stories in business.

Wow this is amazing! I can’t see anything I don’t like about it! Especially love the dashes of green inthe candle flame above the “I” & the owl itself, I am speechless to be honest! Love it! It is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks so much for sending through a concept so quickly.

Great service! I'm a musician from Toronto CA. I got great designs and correspondance by Rumah Designs. Highly reccomend

THANK YOU Rumah Designs!! Always amazing work even on first attempt! From my logo to website to broshures! It's hard to find people you can trust with your work but i'm so happy to have you help me along the way with everything! Thanks again for always being efficient!

Perfect, Thank you very much for your good Job!!! If we need something else, we will come to you.

We have received the file. Thank you very much for your invaluable help to us. We are really satisfied with your services - Jacob

I'm very impressed with your work and will use your services for future projects . Your turn around time is outstanding. Peter Kern - Secaucus N.J. USA (Project: CDL Headsets)

Awesome!! Please send in all the usual formats. I'll get you the rest of the payment right away!

Terima kasih banyak. kami sudah puas dengan final deliverable nya. Sekali lagi terima kasih atas bantuan Rumah Designs. sukses!

Terima kasih Rumah Design, untuk bantuannya membuat logo yang sangat cepat, bagus dan komunikatif untuk lembaga swadaya masyarakat kami yang bernama "Sahabat Jakarta". Mudah2an dengan logo ini kami bertambah semangat untuk mewujudkan Jakarta Baru sesuai dengan janji2 Gubernur dan Wakilnya (pak Jokowi dan Ahok)pada Pilkada DKI yg baru saja selesai